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flowers only bloom under umbrellas
sit, whlist listen to the morning breeze
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12th-Sep-2018 06:35 pm - Semi-Friends Lock

Hi all,
Locking posts which are mainly on rants.
Whereas photography dumps and graphic design posts are always open to the public.
Everything posted here are strictly designed or photographed by me, do not steal and claim as yours.
If you wish to add me into your friend list, please comment in this post before adding me.
I do not entertain those adding me without letting me know who you are.

27th-Mar-2016 05:17 am - GRAPHIC DESIGN - ROY'S
Hi everyone!

I'm taking some time during the holidays to learn more techniques of photoshop via experimenting and I would love to share my works here with everyone. Not only photoshop, sometimes I do my work on Illustrator, depending on what design direction I am heading towards.
I would only do this during my leisure but basically my schoolwork revolves around graphic designing as well but I hardly get to work on stuff which I love.

From today onwards I will start my graphic design post count! I have done multiple icons and also wallpapers but I've always been selfish as they are for my own use. Those posted here are purely for sharing hence, I'm starting the graphics count from here onwards. :)

If you take anything, please kindly credit me.
Because I spent hours on these (not really) but still....
Here's how to credit :

Comments are , please do comment if you take any of these

Current Graphics:
▶ NEWS (Shigeaki Kato) x 4
▶ NEWS (Masuda Takahisa) x 3
▶ NEWS (Tegoshi Yuya) x 2
▶ NEWS (Koyama Keiichiro) x 2

▶ NEWS (Koyashige/ Koyama + Shigeaki) x 3
What lies beneath Collapse )
29th-May-2013 04:07 am - Welcome, to Disneyland

Surprisingly, I managed to changed the whole happy preppy photo into something which I didn't expect to turn out.
I am mad morbid. Hahahahahahaa.
Trying a whole new theme for my dolls as I build my stinking portfolio - I'm damn lazy but now to edit all my dolls photo from scratch.
Anyways, I shot this about 2 years ago and I didn't post it until now, cleaning up the photos I shot for school projects eons ago and compile them for the viewing eye. For now, take a grasp of what is up coming. It will be less morbid I assure you.

Just FYI, Hayden and Dahlia came back from new faceup just a few months ago and I haven't gotten a chance to do a photoshoot for them.
This explains that I have no life as my job eats me like mad and now I am jobless so I have time. Well, yeah.

And also, not going to post on blogger anymore for the time being to avoid being "SEO".
Hate when people google my name and the first thing they see is my blog.

Cheers for now. :)
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